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Our Vision

  • Engage residents in services and programs that support them in meeting their professional and personal goals, by providing soft skill trainings that enable them to increase their employability.
  • Promote youth programs that successfully teach personal, professional and life skills that will elevate SDCHC’s young residents and the surrounding community.
  • Collaborate with SDCHC residents, other nonprofits providers, local schools and institutions to provide services that meet the needs of SDCHC residents and the community at large.

SDCHC believes that making the community a better place is just as important as providing affordable housing. SDCHC support their residents with resources they need to be good neighbors and member of a greater community.

SDCHC begins with housing but goes far beyond to strengthen the lives of residents.

SDCHC provides Resident Services that fall into four program areas: Economic Development, Education Enrichment, Community and Financial Literacy.

Kids playing

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